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Meet Me at The Well - May & June 2021

For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord;

and ourselves your servants for Jesus’ sake. II Corinthians 4:5

Please take a minute and pray for the Applebys - Larry and Patti

Enlisting, Equiping, Encouraging the next generation of missionaries!

Dear Praying friends:

I begin by thanking you for your faithful prayers on our behalf and for your every financial gift for the work to which God has called us. Praise the Lord! Every one of you has such a vital role in the assignments God has given. “For we are labourers together with God.” (I Corinthians 3:9). We know that God is truly glorified as we identify ourselves with His interest in the lost souls of men, women, and children in every corner of this world and it is our great joy to serve Him with you. We are “not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth...” (Romans 1:16)

As the summer moves forward, Patti and I are thrilled that God is allowing us to be back to a nearly-full schedule of ministry and travel. I have been blessed over the last two months to serve in a variety of ministry opportunities, including pastors’ meetings and pulpit supply in several churches. A regular (M-F) highlight for me continues to be my participation in international prayer meetings via Zoom with missionaries serving in North, Central, and South America, as well as in Africa, Asia, and Europe. What a joy to bear some of the burdens of these faithful servants of the Lord in prayer! I love also hearing some of the great things God is doing across the globe in expanding His kingdom and saving souls! We have also been encouraged as doors have opened for Patii to participate in several special events for ladies, including two conferences. Praise the Lord!

We also offer the Lord additional praise for two specific events in June. First of all, the candidate training for new BMFP missionaries was held the week of June 14-18. Praise the Lord for a total of fourteen new missionaries who completed the week and were able to begin pre-field ministry. Praise the Lord! Please pray that God will open doors for these men and women to secure the necessary support they need so that they each can get to their respective fields in the Lord’s timing. Then, I am also grateful for the much-anticipated door the Lord opened for me the last week in June. Some of you may remember Pastor Matthew Hall and the New Testament Baptist Church in Freeport, Bahamas. Through the generosity of God’s people, we were allowed to minister to these dear folks during thvery e aftermath of the destruction caused by Hurricane Dorian (which pummeled the Bahamas for days, beginning on September 1, 2019.) Although not much can be found today in the news about it, the catastrophic Category 5 hurricane caused an estimated 3.5 billion dollars in damage and left hundreds of precious people either dead or missing. The building for New Testament Baptist Church was completely destroyed and most of its members, including Pastor Hall and his family, lost nearly everything. This area (Eight Mile Rock) remains completely devastated. Greater even than the ongoing humanitarian crisis, is the critical need for reaching many with the Gospel who remain destitute and homeless. The fields are white! Please pray for Pastor Hall as well as our dear friend and faithful pastor, Dr. Howard Mills, who continues to serve the Lord at the Baptist Bible Church in Nassau. Join us in asking the Lord to send forth additional laborers to these very needy areas.

In the upcoming July/August prayer letter, I want to share with you how God is enlarging our vision for the days ahead. Until then, would you pray specifically about an expansion of our taking volunteer teams to some of the most unreached areas of the world? We are believing God to help us prepare some of the next generation of missionaries. God has called us and there is much to do! Please pray with us for the clear leadership of the Holy Spirit as we move forward.

Because so many have asked, Patti and I want you to know that we both are enjoying complete resolution of the health issues we faced in 2020.. Lord willing, however, at the end of July, Patti will undergo surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff. Relatively speaking, we are specifically asking the Lord to make her recovery a proverbial “walk in the park!” We know that God is able. Praise the Lord!

Please do not hesitate to contact me either by email at or on my cell phone at 904.608.0565 if I can be of help to you. I would be sincerely honored to intercede regarding any specific prayer needs you may have.

Serving Jesus with great joy! Larry Appleby

Yours for the Harvest, Larry Appleby

Meet Me at The Well!

Thank you for being part of the support family of TWIM & WOTW. Please visit our website ( regularly for updates. (Exciting announcements are coming in the next newsletter! Don’t miss it!) We also ask that you consider telling your pastor, friends, and family about what God is doing for His Glory!

– Larry & Patti Appleby


Magnifying our Lord Jesus Christ abroad and at home.


- Africa

- Asia

- Central America

- Europe

- Middle East

The Well International Ministries exists to:

- Magnify our Lord Jesus Christ so that many may come to know Him and make Him known.

- Mobilize His Church through worldwide mission teams.

- Maximize His Harvest by strengthening stateside churches (through the equipping of men and women for avenues of ministry within their local church).

These objectives are accomplished through three strategic areas of ministries:

1. International ministries through worldwide mission teams

- Leading evangelistic mission teams.

- Partnering with veteran missionaries

- Equipping national pastors and their wives

- Training leadership for church plants

- Distributing Bibles and discipleship material through churches, Bible institutes, orphanages, and prisons

2. Stateside ministries through local churches

- Mission conferences and revivals

- Pulpit supply

- Family VBS and camps

- Couples retreats

- Ladies’ meetings

- TWIM Annual prayer retreat

3. Student ministries – Students One6teen (Romans 1:16)

- Stateside ministry to teens with focus on living on mission.

- Ministries to international students on US college and university campuses

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