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Meet Me at The Well - November 2017

For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord;

and ourselves your servants for Jesus’ sake. II Corinthians 4:5

As we complete the third quarter of 2017, we give thanks to the Lord for you, our faithful friends in faith and partners in ministry. Thank you for being part of this team that God has brought together for His glory! Thank you for each prayer you have offered on our behalf and for every financial contribution to the work to which He has called us. We are humbled that God has allowed us to partner with you and, ultimately, with Him in His mission to introduce men, women, and children in the Uttermost to the Gospel of His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ministry Update

We have officially relocated to Florida for the purpose of expanding the work God began in 2006 through Women of the Well. With God’s help, we have been able to lay more of the foundation for The Well International Ministries, Inc. For those who are familiar with our labors through Women of the Well, please note that it will now be a branch of the broader ministry that God has established through TWIM. Please pray for the details surrounding a new website which has a launch date of December 1, 2017.

Our official season of deputation ministry has begun! We are especially thankful for the opportunities God has given us in churches in Florida and North Carolina to present the vision regarding our international mission outreach. We praise the Lord for each of these encouraging meetings! We ask you to pray that God will open doors as we move forward in faith. Please pray specifically that God will give us His favor with churches and individuals that He wants to join our ministry support team.

Two special prayer requests: Please pray that God will use us for His glory as we serve Him in revival meetings with Pastor Daniel Kuhr at the Bell Baptist Church in Bell, Florida from October 8-11. Secondly, a survey trip is planned for October 16-23 to Nicaragua. Please pray that God will give us clarity regarding His will as we set up ministry opportunities for our January 2018 mission teams and pray for wisdom as we survey a new area of ministry among the unreached Miskito Indians.

Family Update

We close this report with an update on our son, Brandon, who became acutely ill with complications from Chiari Malformation in May. As you may already know, he was hospitalized for 30 days in Jacksonville. Then, miraculously, God provided a way for him to travel to New York where he underwent nearly three weeks of additional treatments. We know you join us in praising the Lord for providing the healing he needed! The doctors have truly been amazed! We remain eternally grateful for so many who have prayed for him and for those who helped him with the expense of his travel and unexpected medical needs. As the Lord reminds you, please keep him in you prayers as he continues on the road to complete recovery. Finally, on a very bright note, we are happy to announce the coming of two more grandchildren in 2018! And, yes they are girls!

Yours for the harvest, Larry and Patti Appleby

Meet Me at The Well!

“The boat may be small. The timing inconvenient.

Nothing He says may make sense. Still, forsake all and follow Him!”

Friends, be encouraged as you follow Jesus!

Do it and leave consequences to Him!

(From a message we heard on Luke 5:1-11 by Pastor Cody Sturgill)


Magnifying our Lord Jesus Christ abroad and at home.


- Africa

- Asia

- Central America

- Europe

- Middle East

The Well International Ministries exists to:

- Magnify our Lord Jesus Christ so that many may come to know Him and make Him known.

- Mobilize His Church through worldwide mission teams.

- Maximize His Harvest by strengthening stateside churches (through the equipping of men and women for avenues of ministry within their local church).

These objectives are accomplished through three strategic areas of ministries:

1. International ministries through worldwide mission teams

- Leading evangelistic mission teams.

- Partnering with veteran missionaries

- Equipping national pastors and their wives

- Training leadership for church plants

- Distributing Bibles and discipleship material through churches, Bible institutes, orphanages, and prisons

2. Stateside ministries through local churches

- Mission conferences and revivals

- Pulpit supply

- Family VBS and camps

- Couples retreats

- Ladies’ meetings

- TWIM Annual prayer retreat

3. Student ministries – Students One6teen (Romans 1:16)

- Stateside ministry to teens with focus on living on mission.

- Ministries to international students on US college and university campuses

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