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In more than forty years of marriage and full-time ministry, we have enjoyed serving the Lord with a host of ministry leaders. These include pastors, church planters, missionaries, evangelists, and godly lay people. We are humbled by the friendships God has established abroad and at home for the furtherance of the His Gospel. 


Below are some of the recommendations we have received since the mission work began in 2006.



Dr. Charles Shoemaker, Church Planting America, Inc. and Board of Directors, TWIM

“My friendship with Larry and Patti Appleby extends back for over thirty years. We are blessed to labor closely together in Bible college ministry in Florida and, in more recent years, I was honored to preach for him many times when he served as a senior pastor in North Carolina. One of the greatest joys I have had, however, is to serve on the Board of Directors for their worldwide evangelism outreach. Since its beginning in 2006, I have watched them follow Jesus and serve Him through this ministry with vision, integrity, and faithfulness. I believe God has uniquely prepared them for this great season of expanded mission opportunity, and I marvel at the doors God has opened for them! With confidence, I highly recommend Larry and Patti and The Well International Ministries/Women of the Well to Baptist pastors and local churches for regular prayer and financial support.”



Dr. Charles F. Keen, First Bible International

It is my joy to recommend to you two of our fellow-helpers in the Lord, Larry and Patti Appleby. They both have the experience to be of great help in this field our Lord has called them into. These two are not novices. Both Larry and Patti have proven to be of great help in the work of God, reminding me somewhat of Paul's relationship to Aquila and Priscilla, gifted and sweet-spirited.  I have been in and out of their presence for the last several years. I have been in meetings with them and know them to be morally pure, doctrinally sound, with a strong marriage, and have and will do a vital ministry for our Lord. I trust you would pray about having them in and considering them to be an extension of your work for the Lord. If I can be of further help to you concerning having them, please feel free to contact me. God bless you and thank you for being a good friend to a good Friend of mine.


Dr. Dewayne Jowers, Pastor of Grace Baptist Church of Baldwin, Florida (sending church)

I have known Larry and Patti Appleby for many years. During that time I have watched them serve our Lord with diligent faithfulness and distinction. The Lord has continually crowned their labor with additional opportunities to serve Him. Now the Lord has opened the door for them to broaden their mission endeavors through The Well International Ministries. Because of this new opportunity, Bro. Larry and Mrs. Patti have relocated to Jacksonville, FL and have joined Grace Baptist Church of Baldwin. The church and I are excited and honored that the Lord is allowing us to be their sending church in this great endeavor to reach souls for Christ. We commend them to you for prayer and financial support.  



Dr. Justus Banuel – Tamil Nadu, India

“It was a true blessing to become acquainted with Larry and Patti Appleby and the world evangelistic teams of The Well International Ministries/Women of the Well. I am grateful that the Lord sent them to Tamil Nadu, India to serve Him with us in the ministry outreaches of Calvary Baptist Foundation. What a blessing they have been among the women of India, with the students in our school, in several outlying churches, and in providing Bibles for distribution to those who’ve never owned their own copy... I am grateful for those who were reached through their bold witness and for the spirit of Christ that they demonstrate in their compassionate service for Him. We welcome their return as soon as God allows…! Thank you for providing more than a thousand copies of God’s Word and the Gospel films which are sure to reach many…”

Dr. Robert Dayton – Baptist International Missions, Inc., Central America

“…In a meeting in Jacksonville, Florida in early Spring of 2006, I met with Larry and Patti Appleby and God burdened our hearts to partner in an evangelistic ministry to women and children in Nicaragua. Just a few months later, God sent a team of thirteen from Women of the Well to serve with our national pastors and their wives to reach lost souls for Jesus. Little did we know that that was just the beginning! …Since then, teams have come annually to hold evangelistic services for women, Vacation Bible School for children, and, most recently, to assist in a youth camp for teens. The mission teams have also trained hundreds of our national believers and equipped them for service in their local churches… In January of this year, the Lord brought together a team of 28 to serve in more than a dozen locations. A part of the mission team was able to leave the capital city for a week and serve with me in Puerto Cabezas through preaching, teaching, and distributing “first Bibles” in Miskito villages! We give God the glory for thousands who have been reached with the Gospel through this outreach since 2006! Souls have been saved! Homes have been changed! Churches have been blessed!... I am thrilled about what God has in store through the long-term vision for The Well International Ministries/Women of the Well in Nicaragua! Once again, I believe this may only be the beginning...!”



Pastor Rackson Kaime, Malawi, Central Africa and

Pastor Joseph Maweta, Sharp Valley, Ntcheu, Malawi

“We thank our sisters from Women of the Well who made it possible for us to have evangelistic meetings for women and children for nearly two weeks in several churches throughout Malawi. Praise the Lord the many souls saved! Thank you for your work in our churches and at the Bible Institute… Thank you also for the gifts you provided for those in great poverty. Thank you for teaching us that women can be used by God to reach others with the His love and His Gospel!  Please pray that God will allow us to take our own Women of the Well group into _____ (a neighboring country) where so many still have not heard the name of Jesus… We look forward to the next time you come... Until then, will you please pray for us...?”


Dr. Howard Mills – Nassau, Bahamas

Miss Margaret Stringer, Indonesia (retired) 


Missionary Larry Taylor – Brussels, Belgium


Dr. Gib Wood – Nanzdietschweiler, Germany


Dr. Rick Adams – Portland, OR


Dr. Randy Barton – Pisgah Forest, NC


Dr. Gene Burge – Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples, Jacksonville, FL


Pastor Shem Durham – Perry, OK


Pastor Thomas Holbrooks – Hendersonville, NC


Pastor Larry Holland – Chappaqua, New York


Dr. Mike Kinney – Lacey, WA


Pastor Ricky Lee – Brevard, NC


Pastor Tony Liuzzo – Columbus, OH


Pastor Michael Ramondetta – Macclenny, FL


Pastor Sergio Reyes – Melbourne, FL



Pastor Ted Ricci – Germantown, OH


Dr. Ralph Sexton, Jr. – Asheville, NC



Pastor Joe Springer – Rincon, GA



Pastor Brian Terry - Liberty, South Carolina


Pastor Roy Waldroup – Fletcher, NC

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