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The Well International Ministries exists for the purpose of world evangelization.  It is our desire that every man, woman, and child have an opportunity to have a culturally relevant conversation about the Person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ and an equally unhindered opportunity to respond to Him.  Will you partner with us in this Great Commission objective?


Four ways to partner with The Well International Ministries

1. By your investment.  Donate!

We believe God has a plan to raise up churches, businesses, families, and individuals who will invest financially in The Well International Ministries. We are dependent on Him to build the ministry support team for TWIM and keep it fully funded as we carry out His mission. How can you help financially? See below for three ways to partner with TWIM financially.


2. By your intercession. Pray!

We have learned that prayer is essential to every area of life and ministry. Without a doubt, we need the faithful intercession of God’s people on our behalf. We urge you to keep informed of specific needs through our online newsletter, Meet Me at The Well. No doubt, the greatest ministry partners are those who pray for each other, so we are equally committed to praying for our partners and for God’s kingdom work through your lives and churches as well. Will you partner with TWIM through prayer?

3. By your interest. Volunteer!

Committed volunteers are a vital part of the future of TWIM and play an important role in international ministry operations. We need compassionate, fully committed followers of Jesus Christ to volunteer. If you are interested in either a one-time basis or regular basis, we may have just the opportunity for you! We believe there are places worldwide that God has assigned for TWIM to carry the Gospel. Our prayer is that He will continue to open doors and that many hearts will be drawn to reaching those who seem to be unreachable. Typically, volunteers or international mission teams come from like-minded stateside churches from various areas of the U.S. They come prepared to pray, witness, and work hard! Would you please prayerfully consider serving on one of the upcoming international mission teams?  

4. By your information. Tell a friend!

We invite you to tell others about The Well International Ministries. Would you consider joining us at stateside events in your area? We would enjoy meeting you!



Three ways to partner financially

1. Become a monthly financial partner.

Regular monthly support by churches, businesses, families, and individuals is greatly needed and deeply appreciated. To become a financial partner and begin monthly financial support, simply:

  • Click on donate and give your secure gift through PayPal. 

  • Or mail your gifts to The Well International Ministries - P. O. Box 6535 – Jacksonville, Fl  32236.


2. Give a one-time general financial gift or a designated offering for a particular international mission endeavor. To do this, simply:

  • Click on donate and give your secure gift through PayPal. 

  • Or mail your gifts to The Well International Ministries - P. O. Box 6535 – Jacksonville, Fl  32236.


3. Participate in the Making a Difference for Missions annual offering.

You may become a TWIM partner by participating in the annual offering. We invite churches, businesses, families, and individuals to pray specifically for the international mission teams during the month of March and to give an offering to help expand our worldwide mission endeavors.


If you are a pastor, would you consider leading your church either to receive an offering or give a gift from your church’s mission fund during the month of March? If so: 

  • Mail your gift to The Well International Ministries – P. O. Box 6535 – Jacksonville, Fl 32236.

If you are a business, family, or individual, you may do this by simply:

  • Click on donate and give your secure gift through PayPal. 

  • Or mail your gifts to The Well International Ministries, P. O. Box 6535 – Jacksonville, Fl 32236.

Your donations fund the cost-efficient mission endeavors of TWIM as we share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Every financial gift, regardless of the amount, is greatly appreciated and will be used for God’s glory to change lives by sharing the good news of the Gospel.

Please contact Larry Appleby through email at or by phone at 904.608.0565 to let us know that you, your family, church family, or business will partner financially with TWIMIf you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


If you are a pastor of a stateside church, please know that we would be honored to present the ministries of The Well International Ministries to your church family at a mission conference or in some specially designated service. Please let us know how we can best serve you. 


with TWIM

is investing

in souls -

Pray. Donate. Volunteer.

Become a TWIM  partner today by making a generous donation below. 

To make your secure online donation to TWIM, click the "donate" button.


This will direct you to the PayPal webpage so you can complete your donation. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, you may also give by major credit card if you do not have a Paypal account. Thank you!

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