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God is on a mission for the world to know Christ. It is His mission, and He has made it ours. We are co-laborers with God. For many years, we served the Lord with the most basic understanding of these truths. However, these realities took on fresh meaning in 2006 as God burdened our hearts to found Women of the Well International Ministries, Inc. Now, as we begin the broader, more expanded ministries of The Well International Ministries, we want to answer briefly some of the most frequently asked questions - who, what, when, where, and why.



  • The Well International Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit (501c3), local church centered, Baptist missionary organization that assists missionaries, national pastors, and local New Testament churches in their endeavors to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to those primarily in restricted-access regions of the world.

  • Internationally, TWIM operates only at the invitation and under the authority of veteran missionaries or national pastors on site.

  • Organizationally, we are governed by a stateside board of godly directors. Pastors of supportive stateside churches are often involved in a partnership/advisory capacity.

  • Our annual ministry teams are formed from a growing network of volunteers from like-minded local churches.




  • Without question, the primary focus of TWIM  is evangelism.  Year after year, we continue to marvel at the doors God supernaturally opens for evangelistic efforts.  Since 2006, we have seen thousands reached through evangelistic crusades and Vacation Bible schools in remote regions. Perhaps the greatest harvest may yet come from the creative distribution of God’s Word, Gospel DVDs, discipleship material, and solar-powered audio recorders that are downloaded with strategic resources.

  • Our secondary focus is to equip and encourage nationals who are zealous regarding their own responsibility to reach generations in their regions for Christ. Among the highest privileges God has granted to TWIM is to labor with those behind doors closed to the Gospel, and to equip and provide resources for many who regularly suffer for Jesus’ sake.  We are reminded often of those who lose all in this life, but Christ.


 When?  Where?

  • The time is now! We must go while great doors of opportunity are open. Since 2006, God has allowed WOTW and TWIM to complete dozens of international mission endeavors and more than one hundred stateside meetings.  We have been privileged to serve with our Lord in Africa, Asia, Central and North America, Europe, and the Middle East, often alongside members of His persecuted church.  



  • Why The Well International Ministries?   Because of the call? Because of the count of those who have never heard the saving Name of Jesus (nor know anyone else who has)? Because of the crisis of women and children in cultures where societal restraints prevent men from sharing the Gospel with them?  Because of the cost of the Church’s disobedience? Because of the outright disregard for the sobering reality that lost souls still spend eternity without God?

  • The greatest motivation for reaching these souls is actually none of these. TWIM exists because our Lord Jesus Christ, our Crucified Savior and the Risen Lamb of God, is worthy of souls from every kindred, nation, tribe, and tongue. Jesus is worthy of ALL souls throughout the Uttermost, including the souls of the disenfranchised who wait for the Gospel to reach them.

  • Why? Why now? Why there? Why another unconventional, cross-cultural, even counter cultural international ministry in our day?   We do not know the significance that TWIM plays in God’s divine scheme for providing access to the good news of salvation to lost souls. Obedience does not require our knowing. God birthed TWIM in this generation to be another Great Commission connection into the Uttermost. For reasons known only to God, He still uses the unlikely to accomplish the work of the Almighty. It may be as simple as that.

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